Payment plans need to be set up prior to your appointment.

1. How do I set up a payment plan?

Add your package to your cart, Check out, Fill out info, For payment Choose After Pay, Pay It Later or Zip Pay, Follow instructions.

2. What payment plan is right for me ?

Pay It Later - Easiest approval - Pay a deposit, Fortnightly payments, Can re-order after first order is completely paid. Max $600 limit for most customers.

After Pay - 1st order pay a deposit, fortnightly payments. After your 1st order 99% chance you may not have to pay future deposits. Max $500 limit for most customers.

ZipPay - Pay deposit, Monthly repayments, Higher limits.


3. What do I need to apply?

Visa/Debit card, 18+ , Email address you have access to, Mobile number. You will receive email & mobile confirmation codes and reminders etc.

4. Why wasn't I approved ?

Unfortunately we have NOTHING to do with the approval process. Each company has their own process & criteria. If not approved you may be able to try for a smaller amount & build up to larger amounts.

5. Error messages & it just wont work ?

Sometimes the internet browser you are using can effect the process, try another browser (google, internet explorer, firefox etc) Security settings maybe too high, Glitch or maintenance on sites. Refresh & try again.

6. Account has been blocked ?

If you try processing payments continuously in a short time, Use different email address/cards etc the company may temporarily block your account as it triggers a "FRAUD ALERT" Best to ask for help :)

7. STILL Its just not working ?

STOP, BREATHE, WOOOSAHHHH! We know its frustrating.

Try calling the company direct for help.

Afterpay - 1300100729

Pay It Later - (info coming)

Zip Pay - (info coming)